No Cost Recruitment Services

No Cost Recruitment Services

No-cost Recruitment Services From Employment Solutions

  • Recruiting new staff?
  • Looking for reliable, dependable, skilled employees to grow your business?
  • Want to increase your workplace diversity?

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  • Employment Solutions has provided employers like you with reliable, hard working individuals that enhance your work place.

    We offer a complete recruitment and placement service for businesses in Oxford, Middlesex, and Elgin counties, and it's completely free of charge. No fees, no salary percentages, no hassle, just a complete employee recruitment and support service that includes:

    • Pre-employment screening and testing
    • Qualified candidates matching your requirements
    • Motivated, dependable candidates with skills and education
    • Candidates available to start work immediately
    • On-site assistance with employee orientation
    • On the job training
    • Information regarding disabilities and job accommodations in the workplace

    It all adds up to considerable cost savings in hiring and training new employees, backed by ongoing support for both your new employees and your company.

    Call us at (519) 539-5730 (Toll-Free 1 866 225-0105) to discuss your requirements, and benefit from our no-cost recruitment service. Or just call to talk through the practicalities of hiring a person with a disability, from interviewing to job accommodations to government funding.

Five Facts About Employing People With Disabilities

  1. Disability doesn't always mean a wheelchair. 50% of disabilities are mild and invisible, with little impact on employability.
  2. Equal rights for hire - and fire Just like any other employee, people with disabilities can be hired, disciplined, or terminated following normal procedures.
  3. Only 4% of employees with disabilities require physical changes to the workplace. The majority simply require restructured job duties or modified hours of work. Most workplace accommodations cost between $1 and $500. (Sometimes all that is needed is new software or bricks to raise a desk.)
  4. Lower absenteeism and greater loyalty. Studies have shown that 79% of people with disabilities work as hard as or harder than other workers, with less absenteeism and greater loyalty.
  5. No increase in costs Your costs for WSIB, liability or accident insurance will not increase if you hire people with disabilities.

Seven Reasons to Employ People With Disabilities

  1. Loyal, committed new employees

  2. Reduced staff turnover

  3. Enhanced staff morale

  4. Achieve your company's employment equity or diversity hiring goals

  5. Enhance your company's reputation in the community

  6. Help people with disabilities lead productive independent lives

  7. Make your workplace more reflective of society

    In short, choosing to work with Employment Solutions and to hire people with barriers to employment is a sound business decision, a strong social statement, and a smart move. Call us at (519) 539-5730 (Toll Free 1 866 225-0105) or email us and we'll call you.

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