On-Job Support & Retention

On-Job Support & Retention

On-job Support and Job Retention from Employment Solutions

At Employment Solutions, we recognize that employing a person with a disability brings its own practical considerations as well as benefits. So, we offer a complete support services to all our employers, to make it easier and more cost-effective to employ people with disabilities or barriers to employment.

Employ Integration and Orientation

Once you've employed one of our pre-screened, highly motivated candidates, we work with you to ensure they are ready to work from the moment they arrive. We help you integrate them into your workforce with:

  • Mobility and transport to work training
  • Assistance with employee orientation and training
  • On the job training for new skills or adapted working practices
  • Training your managers and employees about working with colleagues with disabilities

Workplace help and advice

Many people with a disability only require minor modifications to your workplace or working practices. Many cost just a few dollars and may be as simple as raising a desk on bricks, or installing new software. We can:

    • Advise and help on accommodations for workers with a disability
    • Make arrangements for accommodations if necessary
    • Provide Health and Safety and WHMIS training
    • Inform you about incentive programs and wage subsidies to offset some of the costs involved in hiring and training new employees
    • Mediate and negotiate on behalf of the employee

Onging Support

As part of each candidate's Employment Plan, they will be in contact with their case worker on a regular basis to ensure they are on track and maintaining the standards required to not only retain their position but to excel at it.

We Can Help!

We would be happy to meet with you, without cost or obligation, to discuss your workplace needs, any necessary accommodations, and even some potential candidates. We can also work with you to carve out full-time or part-time positions.
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