Health and Safety at Work

Employment Solutions: Health and Safety at Work Training

At Employment Solutions, we take the safety of our candidates at work very much to heart. We work with employers to ensure their workplace is accommodated to their needs, but we also recognize that employee's health and safety knowledge is just as important.

So, we access community resources to train our candidates in general workplace health and safety, with more specific training in hazardous materials if required.

Health and Safety for employee with disabilities

As employers, you are required to provide health and safety awareness training for every worker and supervisor under the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA). Worker Health and Safety Awareness training can be delivered either face to face using a workbook or through an online learning module.

We will help candidates choose the most suitable training method for their abilities, and help them to undertake and fully understand the training lessons, which include:

  • An understanding of their role and responsibilities in workplace health and safety
  • Knowledge of workplace hazards and how to work safely
  • How they can participate in health and safety improvements in their workplace
  • Who they can ask for help with health and safety issues, and the right to refuse unsafe work

Employees with Disabilities: their Health and Safety obligations

In addition, we help candidates to follow the law on health and safety, and your specific policies and procedures. We ensure any employee with a disability can work in a way that will not cause injury to themselves or fellow workers. We also check that they are able to wear and use the safety equipment you require them to use, and that it offers them the required level of protection.

Workplace accommodations for people with barriers to employment

Many workers with disabilities will only require minor modifications to working environments, and this also applies to your health and safety provision. We can help with assessing your new employee's needs and suggesting modifications, and also give you advice on government grants to cover the costs of such changes.

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