Form Downloads

Form Downloads

Employment Supports Forms for Candidates with a Barrier To Employment

At Employment Solutions, we can usually help any adult or student with a recognized barrier to employment through a disability, whether it involves a learning, physical or mental health disability.

  Just click to download the forms in PDF format, or call us to discuss your particular circumstances and job search aspirations, and to see if you qualify for our program.

Application For Employment Supports

Form 2882E
The Ontario Ministry of Community and Social Services Disability Support Program form. This form enables you to apply for Employment Supports.

Verification of Disability/Impairment

Form 2884
This form should be completed by a qualified health care professional who knows you and can comment on your disability or impairment and the difficulties that you may have finding or remaining in a job.

Welcome to ODSP Employment Supports

Details of the ODSP employment support program, and what you are required to do.

We Can Help!

If you have any questions about program eligibility, or if you want to call and discuss your particular circumstances and job search aspirations, reach out.
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