Job Search Training

Job Search Training

Job Search Training from Employment Solutions

  • Looking for a job to match your skills?
  • New to the workplace and not sure where to start?
  • Returning to work with a disability?

We Can Help

Employment Solutions is a privately operated employment placement organization that specializes in providing people like you with barriers to employment and support in securing and or maintaining competitive employment.

In other words, we help you find the job you want, with employers who recognize your skills and want you to work for them.

Job Training

We'll help you with professional training in every aspect of finding a job, including:
  • How to find out about jobs available
  • How to plan your job search
  • How to write a resume
  • How to write a covering letter, or online job application
  • How to find work if you are a student with disabilities
We also offer professional interview training through local community resources, including what to check before an interview and effective interview techniques for the day itself. See our Interview Techniques page for more details.

Free Help & Advice From Employment Solutions

Our team will help you at every stage of your job hunt and our services are completely free of charge. We can help anyone with a disability or barrier to employment regardless of age. So we can help you if you're a young person over the age of 16 looking for your first job, a returning worker or parent looking for part time work, or if you're just looking for a temporary position for some extra money!

Call us at (519) 539-5730 (Toll Free 1 866 225-0105) to start job hunting with us, or see our Find a New Job page to check you qualify for working with us.

We Can Help!

Give us a call to find out if you qualify to work with us, and start a new job hunt today!
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