Vision & Values

Employment Services: our Mission, Values and Corporate Strategy Statements


To provide high quality, cost effective and efficient employment placement and retention services that will promote client independence and community acceptance through proactive planning, job placement techniques and education.


To become the leading provider of Employment Supports to people with employment barriers in Southwestern Ontario.


We believe that all people have the rights to:

  • Self determination
  • Be treated with fairness, dignity, respect and compassion
  • Decision making in regards to their life, career planning and job search
  • Accessible, high quality and effective supports and services
  • Achieve increased independence, improved quality of life and full integration within their community
  • Pursue the dream and make the mistakes that allow them to learn from life experiences

Corporate Philosophy

To operate and maintain a high quality community-based, client focused program and service which:

  • Is client driven and business focused
  • Is locally based and meets the client needs in their community
  • Provides timely response to referrals and understandable, clear, accurate information about our programs and services
  • Provides a complete range of employment assistance services
  • Is responsive and reflective of the needs of our clients and businesses we serve
  • Acknowledges the role of the private sector in the local social service networks
  • Meets or exceeds the accountability needs of our stakeholders
  • Responds to the local demands of clients and businesses in a fluid and proactive manner

For more details, do call us at at (519) 539-5730 (Toll Free 1 866 225-0105).