WHMIS Training Through Employment Solutions

If you're an employee in any job, you need to recognize and have knowledge of any hazardous materials in your workplace, and how to work with them.

If you are an employer, the Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) legislation requires you to collate health and safety information about hazardous materials in your workplace and to pass this information on to your employees.*

At Employment Services, we recognize that some of our candidates may need extra help acquiring this knowledge and assessing the impact it might have on their own working practices.

We help guide all our candidates through their WHMIS training with their new employer, and ensure they are both compliant and confident in working with, in or around hazardous materials.

As with all our services, it doesn't cost a single cent either for the new employee or the employer. Our aim is simply to help new employees integrate into the workforce as easily as possible, offering training assistance when and if required and helping our candidates become productive, efficient workers more quickly and with less fuss.

For more information on WHMIS training services, including pre-interview screening and testing, call us at (519) 539-5730 (Toll Free 1 866 225-0105) or send us an email.

* In our areas of Oxford, Middlesex and Elgin counties, the WHMIS regulations are enforced under the Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act.